St. John

Lookout Point from Lind Point Trail

Though our cruise stopped at St. Thomas in the US Virgin Islands, we decided to go on an excursion to St. John since we had never been there before. It was about a 30 minute boat ride from St. Thomas to St. John. While that may sound like a long time for some, the boat ride was enjoyable in itself since you get to see the islands along the way.img_6984

Once we got to the island, we went on a guided hike on the Lind Point Trail with a small group of people. I really did not know what to expect from the hike and usually we just go to a beach or sightseeing, but we decided to try something different and go on a hike to the beach instead this time. One of the highlights was getting to see wild donkeys along the trail! The hike was about a mile long one way and I would say medium in difficulty since there were some hills and a few rocky areas.


The hike lead us right to Honeymoon Beach which was absolutely beautiful and not very crowed at all which is always a plus. We got to spend some time at the beach and swam in the crystal clear water.


After, we took a short walk through a nearby resort where a taxi took us back to the boat to return us to our ship. The entire experience was great from the boat ride, the hike, and Honeymoon Beach, which I think may be on the top of my list of favorite beaches now. I would defiantly recommend doing something a little different if you get the chance while traveling, it might just end up being one of the highlights of your trip.